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I've helped many companies turn their underperforming websites into revenue generating sales tools. Want to find out how?


Everything has purpose

I like to do my research before any build by analysing keywords, competitors, opportunities and risks. I do this using a variety of SEO tools and knowhow. The end result is that you have a complete overview of your digital business, its competition and a benchmark with clear objectives to grow.


Quality over Quantity

High traffic numbers are but one metric of a good website's performance. I alway begin with asking what outcome you want to achieve, then work backwards to raise your goal conversion rate by implementing a combination of good SEO and finely tuned optimisation.


Welsh Coffee Roasters

Developed for Huw at Welsh Coffee to replace his original basic store, now has a major presence on the Welsh Café scene. This Wordpress/WooCommerce combination has seen year on year growth since going live in 2016.


Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

Cath & Andrew run this traditional slaughterhouse and butcher as 5th generation descendants of Hugh Phillips. Operating online since 2017, has become a dominant feature in Google searches, with over 150 keywords appearing on Google's first page. Offering additional grocery products since coronavirus, the website has seen exponential growth.


Finance Angels Ltd

In a very competitive SEO niche, needed to find an entry point where the could put their expertise to the test. Through a series of Adwords campaigns and SEO, I was able to generate substantial website enquiries, and whats more, the team at Finance Angels were able to follow up and secure instant conversions.


EcoBunker Ltd

Inventors of the artificial golf bunker, EcoBunker run a global operation at some of the world's most prestigious courses. The design and build of a range of edging solutions for both bunker and water feature alike is a very visual affair, as witnessed in the branding and photography.


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What I do

  • WordPress

  • WooCommerce

  • Payment Gateways

  • API Integration

  • Analytics + Goals

  • SEO Competitor, Keyword, Copy Research

  • On page SEO

  • Mailchimp Integration

  • Website Speed Optimisation

  • User Experience

  • Branding

  • Design

  • Print Sourcing