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Based in Llantwit Major in The Vale of Glamorgan, Moving Pixels is a small digital agency with considerable and valuable experience in the following disciplines:

Branding (Tactical): We know what constitutes a great brand, and although we occasionally create them, we’re usually ensuring that brands are correctly implemented. Brand guidelines are second nature to us, so you never need worry about your company being off-brand when you ask us to develop a website or any other marketing communication.

Website Development: We predominantly create WordPress websites for our clients, although sometimes they’re built using a different CMS. Having developed 100s of websites over the years, we’re continuously learning new ways to improve our clients’ online presence. Ultimately, our goal is to make your website do what you want it to do, be it converting online sales, capturing your competitors audience or getting online enquiries for your products and services. There is no magic formula, although there are things you can (and should) do if you are serious about making the internet a positive asset of your business. We help you define these challenges in a very informative and demonstrably accurate way so that you can set realistic target and budgets accordingly.

SEO: Our Search Engine Optimisation work begins with analysing a range of websites, keywords, backlinks and ad strategies of your online competition and your own website if you have one. This analysis may highlight certain quick SEO wins, or longer term strategies. We’ll provide a comprehensive report with a series of suggestions for improvement, which, upon implementation are monitored for results. We strongly recommend SEO for e-commerce websites and those providing services that are predominantly marketed online.

Advertising: Digital advertising can bring significant rewards to those companies who have unlocked the correct algorithms/strategy. Help make sense of the different channels and strategies with competitor reporting, animated adverts, remarketing and social.

Graphic Design: This is where it all started for us and what drove our curiosity of the way things worked and looked. You’ll still find us producing brochures, stationery and business cards, signage and vehicle graphics, although we’ve noticed a general decline for printed goods since the internet became our first source for content.

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